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watch-and-see : the-grand-disillusionment

On the run?
Sorrowful future, incriminating past?
Interested in an "other point of view"?
Fears and feelings of guilt?
Everything seems hopeless?
Feelings of senselessness?
Relationship problems?
Decision problems?
Gnawing doubts or discontentment?
Annoyance with boss or colleagues?
Stress at home or on the job?
Feeling stress of leadership?
Feelings of inferiority?
Fear of failure?
Disappointed and frustrated?
Depression / Burnout?
"This cannot be everything"?
Who / what am I really?
and anyway?

A little bit of another point of view

There are many different ways to replace beliefs and concepts with others - allegedly better ones. For example there are positive thinking, affirmations and visualisations. These and similar attempts can have positive effects for a time. But if you have a vague notion that it won't really help fooling yourself in every possible way, it may be time for a talk.

The aim of the talks, coachings, meetings etc. is not the thousandth rigid concept with a more or less long expiration date, but a basic and lasting "healthy" change. Here, a lively watch-and-see (observing and recognising) in the so called here and now plays a major role. In principle, a very simple thing which assumes neither certain abilities nor special knowledge.

And beside the practical and everyday aims and questions "the question of all questions" very often coexists: Who / what am I really? If this is recognised - or better said, the imaginations of what we believe to be are revealed as delusions - most of it sorts itself out. You will find more details in the "FAQ".

A little bit of openness to new and maybe unusual perceptions is of advantage anyway, just as the willingness to keep a close eye on these so familiar and matter-of-course perceptions and behaviour patterns, and to challenge them. But if this is not the case, you would probably have already left this page.

... everything is simple until we complicate it ...


Very often it is not so much a matter of learning something new or collecting other knowledge, but rather of recognising and removing misapprehensions - i.e. about liberating disillusionment. Not only is this valid in the spiritual area - though it is particularly valid there - but in almost all areas of life. Thus in communication many problems are ultimately caused by misapprehensions and illusions, which are so simple that recognising them may result in a fit of laughter. The same is valid for most (or all?) other problems and conflict situations - "with yourself" as well as with other people, situations and occasions

And now?

Curious now? Or does it ring a bell in you? Or do you have questions? Don’t hesitate - contact me via mail or on the phone or first start by looking at the FAQ, the Texts or the offers of Talks / Meetings.

... everything remains complicated until it is realised that it actually isn't ...